Monday, May 20, 2013

travel tag, letterpress, 2013

let's go enjoy the world.
travel tag
my first letterpress work

linocut processing

310 letterpress room, 60 Federal, 2013

vandercook press 2

vandercook press 4
my favorite vandercook

letterpress furnitures and reglets

alcohol and soy solv station

letterpress type drawer

type tray

400 book art room

another year (board book project), letterpress, 2013

cover front

p1 p2

p3 p4

p5 p6

p7 p8

p9 p10

p11 p12

cover back

cover front

cover back

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

another year process (board book project), letterpress, 2013

prepare the handset type

handset type for covers

ready for printing the covers

printing the covers

handset colophon

making the hard covers

attach covers and interior pages

Thank you, Angela, acrylic, 2013

a painted box, a book dummy, 6 postcards, 1 business card