Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a brown one, pencil, 2009

random in 2006, pencil, 2006

poster design - "that's what we've left" Double exhibition, computer graphics, 2008

post card design - how can I get you back, computer graphics, 2007

sightseeing map design - snow black in Kaohsiung, computer graphics, 2009

value cards design - we can't live without fashion, computer graphics, 2009


(The 18th Times Young Creative Awards, honorable mention)

self portrait, computer graphics, 2006

poster design - 口 片 串 尾, computer graphics, 2007





figurine design - no leg chicken, unsaturated ployester resin, 2007

there’s no such thing as love, pastel and color pencil, 2010, 14in. x 11in. (x8)

It is the other series of re-drawing my drawings. Compared to my former works, the object is getting more organic and abstract in these drawings. Also, the drawings became simpler. I started to use some elements such as symbols of pills and tears to express my emotions.

I love my big HUGGY, computer graphics (children's book), 2009, 15cm x 20cm

“I love my HUGGY” is a children’s book and my graduate project. I scanned my drawing and then finished them with Photoshop. I used bright colors to attract the viewer. Also, I hope to enhance the viewer’s visual memory through the organic shape of the two characters.  This is a story about the relationship between parents and children.

something is better than Prozac, installation, 2008

(in "that's what we've left" Double exhibition)

Drawing is always the most directed way to express my emotions. For me, drawing is just like Prozac because it heals depressed emotion. Most of the time, patients get addicted to Prozac when they suffer from depression just like I am addicted to drawing when I feel dejected.   All of the drawings are one art works to me. It is a whole process of getting through emotions and healing me.