Wednesday, January 25, 2012

art is life, computer graphic, 2012

free drawings, computer graphic and pencil, 2012

sidewalk crack drawing, pencil and color pencil, 2012

drawing lab, pencil, 2012

one-eyed monster

miro abstract

plants combining machine

contouring toys

contouring toys

self-saving and self-destroying machine


two heads cow, acrylic, 2012

fishy-donkey, acrylic, 2012

may i be the moon, acrylic, 2012

dear moon : my best friend want you so much.
may I hang on the sky for you 
so that you can go to be my best friend's best friend?



imaginary creature, watercolor, 2012

eyedropper drawings, watercolor and acrylic, 2012



thank you, acrylic, 2012

elephant bathtub, acrylic, 2012

san francisco map, acrylic, 2012

it is a good way to know sf more.

penguin icecream, acrylic, 2012